At bagchain we develop solutions that simplify and improve processes by offering simplified, innovative and economical products for airlines and airports. And where possible we offer a touchless solution, yes no touching.


The capacity in the departure lounges is reaching it limits. bagchain introduced simple mobile touchless products whereby airports can reclaim valuable terminal space by offering products such as our bagchain print.

Away from the terminal passengers can tag their bags if they are waiting for the shuttle from the parking lot, at the rental car center, at a convention or at their hotel. We also facilitate remote bag-drop.


Luggage pickup at your doorsteps, airport to home baggage services, ship luggage ahead for convenient travel…

Off airport baggage check-in, we developed in partnership with bagpoint a platform to achieve this securely.


Check-in hand luggage at the gate, a difficult and lengthy process. Not with our bagchain gate solution. Just scan the boardingpasses of the passenger, we update the DCS and within 5 seconds a self adhesive bagtag is printed direct from the airlines DCS. Simple, professional, smooth and fast.

Messaging platform

To help airports and airlines to comply with IATA resolution 753 we launched our bagchain cloud messaging platform. The industry easiest and fastest one single connection to exchange baggage information.

And there is more learn how the bagchain cloud has also the capability to enrich data and messages from several sources and optimise airline and airport processes.

The bagchain cloud is also used to connect and link our other bagchain products. Such as the bagchain print, bagchain check-in, bagchain gate, bagchain tag and bagchain bpm to the airlines DCS systems. And once connected customers can use our products worldwide without any additional costs and or certifications.

bagchain and Star Alliance Baggage Hub

Connected to the Star Alliance Baggage Hub our customers already have the ability to exchange baggage messages with the 28 Star Alliance member airlines.

753 solution

Especially for small airports and/or airlines we developed the bagchain bpm a very cost efficient 753 solution.

Connected with our bagchain cloud it is a fully standalone application with no need for a BSM feed.

More information about our bagchain bpm


bagchain company

bagchain is a communication and leading mobile baggage check-in/print kiosk provider. We are offering simplified, innovative and economical products for airports and airlines.


At bagchain we have the unique mix of combined practical experience (60+ years). But also in depth knowledge of airport and airline systems.

We are the connectivity experts. Our system expertise, specialists skills and experience includes almost every system that an airport and/or airline use.

Including: DCS, Common Use Systems, PSS Systems, Baggage Systems, Internet Check-in Applications, Booking Engines and Connectivity Modules.

We have been working with these systems and in some cases even connected these systems.


Our mission is to simplify processes. We do this by offering simple, innovative and economical products for airlines and airports. Where possible we offer a touchless solution.

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol office

Our office is located at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol in the airport business park Schiphol-Rijk. Close to the action is where our team of product specialists, designers and technicians are working day and night. Developing and designing brand-new products for airports, airlines and groundhandlers.

We are unlike any other airport service provider company in the world.

bagchain office


happy 100th b-day KLM

As former KLM employees at bagchain, you never lose your blue vibes. So today marks a special day, KLM is turning 100. Making it the oldest airline in the world still operating under its original name. Did you know when a company in the Netherlands turns 100 years the King has the right to appoint the …

home baggage check-in and pickup by Luggage Care

Luggage Care and bagchain were featured in the Dutch TV Program “barometer” from RTL-Z . In this video Luggage Care explains the provided home baggage check-in and pickup services. Luggage Care will use the bagchain services to check-in securely the baggage directly with the connected airlines.



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