check-in hand luggage at the gate with Eurowings

Checking hand luggage at the gate with Eurowings at a snowy Cologne-Bonn Airport. We are proud to be part of the Eurowings boarding improvement study & trials. Our mobile bagchain gate kiosk assist in this boarding process improvement. No more handwritten gate bag tags, just scan the boardingpass and a self-adhesive eezeetags bag tag is printed. Professional, fast, easy and convenient labelling of hand luggage at the gate. Our increasingly popular bagchain gate kiosk saving the gate agents valuable time and despite checking hand luggage at the gate safeguard an on-time departure. Special thanks to Fabian Schwarz and his team.

ready for dispatch

A new batch of our mobile battery operated bagchain tag and gate kiosks is ready for shipment to their new operators. This will be one of the last batches of our Mark 1 version. The new Mark 2 version with (even more) extended battery life and widescreen display will be launched in the next 2 months.

bagchain signs strategic partnership with Bagpoint

We are excited to announce that we have signed a strategic partnership with Bagpoint, a highly secure and convenient door-to-door baggage delivery service company.

bagchain will connect the Bagpoint services to its bagchain cloud messaging platform and make the airlines secure baggage check-in services available to Bagpoint.

Customers can use the combined bagchain/Bagpoint services. Conveniently and securely check-in their baggage remotely at hotels, cruise ports and convention centers. And travel to the airport with only carry-on luggage. Arrived at the airport these passengers can go straight to the departure lounge, bypassing the check-in counters.

With this strategic partnership both companies will enter the market of remote bag drop solutions for travelers. The combined ecosystem is covering securely end-to-end all touchpoints.

Both companies are building towards an excellent blueprint which is to be rolled-out world-wide.