Menzies Aviation orders bagchain gate kiosks for use at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

After a successful trial improving the boarding process and customer experience using our fully automated mobile bagchain gate kiosk. Menzies Aviation has placed a firm order for our latest model of the bagchain gate kiosks. No more handwritten gate bag tags but professional, fast and easy and convenient labelling of hand luggage. Simply scanning the passengers boarding pass. Our increasingly popular bagchain gate kiosk saving the gate agents valuable time. Keeping continous contact with the customer and monitoring the boarding process without any distractions. The mobile kiosks will be used at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol at the H and M gates. In the busy holiday seasons these mobile kiosks can also be used at the departure area for queue management.

bagchain print kiosks ready for shipping

After the customer acceptance test our latest version of our bagchain print kiosk is ready for shipping. Our bagchain print kiosk is now also available in a 1.83m tall version. The first batch was ordered by one of our customers in Asia. Passengers with check-in baggage can conveniently obtain a bag tag by simply scanning their boarding pass. Via our bagchain cloud the airlines departure control is checked. The bag allowance is checked and if all ok the baggage is checked-in and the bag tag is printed. All within less than 10 seconds. Arrived at the airport the only action left is drop their baggage at a check-in or self drop. Because all the bagchain products are connected via the bagchain cloud. They can not only be placed at the airport but also at remote locations such as parking lots, train and bus stations and hotels.