bagchain qubes in production

After the pre-production bagchain qubes passed all the tests, the first production qubes are now being assembled. The bagchain qube is especially designed for the logistic companies who offer door-to-door baggage services. Logistics & delivery vans will be equipped with the bagchain qube.

The passenger scans their boarding pass at their doorstep, the baggage will be checked-in via the bagchain cloud. Directly with the airline. Baggage allowance is checked and if all ok a baggage tag is printed. The bag is sealed and labelled and transported to the airport. Those passengers using these services can travel at their leisure to the airport. Arrived at the airport those passengers can skip the check-in area entirely. Their bags are delivered by the courier direct to the airline or baggage handling system.

The qube kiosk is a multipurpose kiosk. It can also be used for passengers in transit who have a connection but need to check-in their baggage or at the baggage make up area. These services will also help reducing the human contact moments and airports have less passengers gathered in the check-in area.

bagchain qubes