Presentation TU-Delft redesigned bagchain kiosk

Another presentation last Tuesday June 21st. Our students from the TU-Delft Industrial Design Engineering (IDE) group 11 had their final presentation of the new bagchain “light” kiosk at the IDE Arena. Their assignment within the master’s degree programme of Integrated Product Design at the TU Delft, redesign a lighter and more mobile kiosk. The students did a tremendous job in research, improvement of mobility, ergonomics, and product experience. The new design has an overall weight reduction of 36% in comparison to our current model. The students also offered sustainability improvements, using (recycled) ABS material for the shell case, which has the smallest energy consumption during raw production and lowest CO2 footprint. Because of the overall weight reduction, the mobility of the kiosk has significantly improved. Anna, Lupo, Jinze, Colin, Daan and Ingo you guys did a great job. Now our work will start with a feasibility study to bring your concept to production. Enjoy your wel deserved holidays and safe travel home. Thanks, from the entire bagchain team!