bagchain app

All the baggage check-in functionality is now also available in one handy iOS App. The bagchain mobile app and printer. Connected via our bagchain cloud you can check-in the baggage on multiple airlines. Just scan the boarding pass, passport if required, check the weight and add the weight. The information is validated directly with the airline.

mobile printer

We have a super mobile hand held bag tag printer. The mobile printer holds a super-thin IATA standard baggage label. On one roll the printer can hold 54 baggage labels. Truly mobile and you can check-in baggage anywhere. 

mobile use

The bagchain app and mobile bag tag printer are used at various locations in and around the airport. For queue management in the check-in area, curb side check-in. But also onboard of trains or busses heading for the airport.

logistic companies

Also logistic companies that provide baggage pick-up for the airport are using the bagchain app & mobile printer. Check-in baggage at your doorstep.