bagchain breeze kiosk

Introducing our bagchain breeze kiosk. The fully automated entry access kiosk. The breeze is a complete entry acces solution and has a touchless operation. Included in the solution is the bagchain breeze application and it comes with an iOS app for the hosts. Passengers and hosts can adhere safely to the local social distancing measures.

simple and fast

The passenger can perform only one action at the bagchain breeze kiosk. Scan a boarding pass. When a boarding pass is scanned a validation will take place and if all ok a personalised welcome message will be displayed. The LED stripes on the side of the breeze kiosks will change color (e.g. green) to indicate that access is granted. In the case that we cannot validate the status of the passenger or if the passenger has no access a message “please see one of our hosts for assistance” will be displayed and the LED stripes on the side of the breeze kiosk will change to a red color. Simple, touchless and very fast.

10″ LED screen

The bagchain breeze kiosk has a 10″HD LED screen. It displays a personalised message such as eligible passengers, scan your boarding pass, welcome or please see one of our hosts for assistance. These messages can be 100% personalised.

boarding pass scanner

The boarding pass scanner of the breeze kiosk can scan kiosk, mobile and home printed boarding passes with 2D or QR codes. It can also scan cards equipped with a QR code.

mobile version

Since mobility is bagchain’s DNA, the bagchain breeze also comes with a battery operated version. The breeze kiosk can be placed at any spot where you want to validate the entrance of eligible passengers.

bagchain lounge application

The breeze kiosks comes with the bagchain breeze application. This application connects the kiosk with the airlines DCS or Loyalty System via the bag chain cloud. It validates if a passenger has access. We also have the possibility to validate e.g. lounge access against the booked class and/or offline stored loyalty information.

iOS app

Included in the bagchain lounge application is an iOS app. Hosts using the app can use the same application as the kiosks. So they scan a boarding pass and verify whether a passenger has access. They also receive a notification on their iOS device when a passenger scans a boarding pass at one of the breeze kiosks. So they can welcome a passenger by name..

bagchain cloud

Just like all of our bagchain kiosks the breeze connects via Wi-Fi, 3G/4G with the bagchain cloud. The bagchain cloud communicates directly with the airlines Departure Control System and or Loyalty System to validate the access.

battery operation

With one single charge the kiosk battery will last a couple of days. And when needed you can recharge the kiosk with out any interruption of the service.