bagchain check-in

bagchain check-in

The bagchain check-in solution consists of a complete set of equipment for the check-in counters at airports and ports. It will improve the passenger flow and customer experience.

latest available technology

We are using the latest available technology, ensuring a fast and smooth check-in experience for the passengers.

It will help check-in agents to facilitate efficient and secure check-in of passengers thereby providing superior customer service.

Checking in passengers and baggage is accomplished quickly.

RFID & biometrics

If required we incorporate RFID boarding passes and baggage labels and biometrics.

bagchain cloud

The bagchain check-in solution is connected with our bagchain cloud messaging solution. It can operate independently from any current airport infrastructure.

bagchain check-in solution 

The bagchain check-in solution typically includes the following;

      • PC workstation
      • Monitor
      • Keyboard (with or without OCR/MSR readers)
      • Mouse
      • Boarding pass printer
      • Baggage label printer
      • Connection to the airline DCS via the bagchain cloud
      • Pin pad for payments
      • A barcode boarding pass reader