bagchain cloud

bagchain cloud

Introducing a simple and affordable way of exchanging baggage information with airports, airlines and industry partners.

bagchain cloud is the easiest, quickest one single connection to exchange baggage information as defined under IATA RP1745.

bagchain cloud in a nutshell

With one single https/VPN connection customers can start exchanging messages with all the connected airports and airlines.

BHS (Baggage Handling System) and BRS (Baggage Reconciliation System) providers are able to share selected scan data of baggage.

It assist airlines to comply with IATA resolution 753. In addition provide the passenger with the baggage location details.

BHS & BMS systems

BHS and/or BMS (Baggage Management System) providers using the available data can now act proactively if delays of irregular operations occur.

The bagchain cloud has also the capability to enrich data and messages. This from several sources and optimise airline and airport processes.

bagchain connect

Star Alliance Baggage Hub

The bagchain cloud is connected to the Star Alliance Baggage Hub. bagchain customers can enjoy the ability to exchange baggage messages directly with the 28 Star Alliance member airlines through the Star Alliance Baggage Hub.

robust & reliable

The bagchain cloud is built with standard components and technologies. This creates a robust, fully-functional and flexible secured technology infrastructure platform.

Hosting using the cloud services from AWS and Azure , the bagchain messaging solution is highly scalable.

bagchain cloud is the only solution to date with a full back up and triple redundancy.

Our online administration tool provides customers information to monitor their own link and modify any settings.

DCS connections

The bagchain cloud is also in use to connect our other bagchain products. Such as the bagchain kiosks, bagchain Apps, bagchain qube, bagchain check-in and bagchain bpm to the airlines DCS systems.

Once an airline DCS is connected the airline can use anywhere, any place and any time the bagchain solutions. This without any dependency of the current (legacy) airport infrastructure.

This guarantees world-wide:

      • a faster time to market
      • no additional costs
      • no certifications needed
      • great redundancy solution

DCS’s connections

The bagchain cloud is connected with the following DCS’s:

      • Amadeus
      • iPort
      • Mach
      • Navitaire
      • TravelSky – QUICK