bagchain gate kiosk

Check-in hand luggage at the gate

Passengers are carrying more and more hand luggage these days. The main reason is that airline passengers with hand luggage don’t have to get in line and make quick entries and quick exits at airports.

Other passengers seek to avoid the checked-bag fees that airlines levy by resorting to travel with hand luggage .

The lack of overhead space onboard of planes causes airlines to checking hand luggage at the gate. Sometimes up to 80 roller bags per flight.

The process for gate agents to register and check hand luggage at the gate is time consuming and can cause costly delays.

Lengthy administrative process

For gate agents checking hand luggage is a stressful job. Not only are they confronted with lengthy discussions why a passenger needs to check his/hers carry-on bag. But also the administrative process is quite cumbersome. 

The gate agent manually writes a baggage label and enters the tag number of the baggage label into the reservation of the passenger or add this to a so called gate bag manifest. Or sometimes print a baggage label but still have to enter manually all the information in the DCS.

This manual process can take sometimes up to 60-90 seconds per passenger/per bag. 

Introducing the bagchain gate kiosk

bagchain is constantly looking for new ways to improve the travel experience for customers. Mobility has played the most important role in the realisation of the bagchain kiosks.

The bagchain gate kiosk is a fully mobile check-in and bag tag printer solution. It automates the entire manual process. Check-in the passenger’s hand luggage and print a bag tag, all within seconds instead of minutes. Agents can stay in touch with the passenger and monitor the boarding process while performing the hand luggage check-in at the gate.

It improves the customer experience as it is more professional. The passenger receives a standard bag tag and it is super-fast. Saving the gate agents valuable time and despite checking hand luggage safeguard an on-time departure.

bagchain gate kiosk available in two versions

We have two versions available:

        • The online version which is connected via our bagchain cloud directly to the airlines DCS
        • Or the offline version that prints a baggage label based upon the information on the boarding pass. It uses a predefined range of tag numbers. And when finished prints a gate bag manifest with all the information.

bagchain gate step-by-step

        • Simply scan the passengers boarding pass
        • bagchain gate checks and updates the passengers PNR in the airline DCS
        • Automatically print a bag tag
        • Passenger receives the claimtag, hand luggage is labelled

Passengers who volunteer to check their hand luggage at the gate can use the bagchain gate themselves.

Less discussion with passengers

Because the bagchain gate process is professional and very fast, less discussions arise as why the passenger has to check their hand luggage.


The bagchain gate kiosk is connected via Ethernet, Wi-Fi or 3G/4G with our bagchain cloud platform and exchanges messages directly with the airlines DCS.


Battery operation

With one single overnight charge the battery will last a full working day handling several flights and can be used at different gates.