bagchain kiosks

At bagchain we are constantly looking for new ways to improve the travel experience for passengers. Mobility of our solutions is playing a major role in the realisation of the bagchain kiosks. It gives our customers an ease of operations and flexibility with deployment practically anywhere.


Our solution makes it possible to install a flexible mobile set-up using limited space less than 0.25m2. And powered by a battery that operates a full day with one overnight charge, the mobile kiosks can be placed anywhere where they needed most.


Check-in a bag in the DCS, print a baggage label and tag the baggage takes normally between 60-90 seconds for an experienced agent. Our bagchain kiosks performs this in just under 10 seconds.

bagchain manager

All the kiosks are remotely monitored with our very sophisticated web based bagchain manager which can be accessed via smartphone, tablet and/or laptop. Even more alerts (e-mail/text) can be set to warn an agent if the kiosk is running low on paper or battery power.

bagchain cloud

The bagchain kiosks are securely connected with our bagchain cloud, our messaging platform. The bagchain cloud has direct connections with the airlines/airports Departure Control Systems (DCS). Once connected the bagchain kiosks can be used world-wide without any additional costs and certifications. Most noteworthy there is absolutely no dependency on the current legacy local communication networks at airports. It gives our customers a great flexible solution. Some of our customers are using them for seasonal services. The kiosks are also used as a resilience backup in case the CUTE environment goes down.

our bagchain kiosk line up

For use at the gate; bagchain gate
At airports, bus/train stations, hotels, parking lots; bagchain print
For the use by logistic partners; bagchain qube
At the check-in, curb-side; bagchain tag
Our newest kiosk with a super 21″ touchscreen; bagchain MPU