bagchain MPU kiosk

The bagchain Multi Purpose Unit (MPU) kiosk is our latest mobile baggage check-in kiosk. Requested by our customers and based upon the successful bagchain tag kiosk we are introducing the bagchain MPU kiosk

simple and fast

As all of our baggage check-in kiosks it is the fastest and easiest way to check-in baggage and obtain a bag tag. Designed with one goal in mind, no complexity, simple and fast

touch[less] screen

It has a 21″ HD touch screen. At customers request we can activate the touch screen. It gives the airlines and airports the opportunity to better interact with the passengers. And/or sell ancillaries and pay via the optional touchless payment module

platform scale

The bagchain MPU kiosk can be equipped with an optional sliding platform scale to check the weigh of the baggage. By means of precision engineering the platform scale has a lifting solution to slide it in and out of the kiosk

passport reader

A combined passport and boarding pass reader makes it an ideal kiosk for use at the check-in area but also remotely such as at the curb side. Basically anywhere a baggage check-in kiosk is required

touchless payments

Optional we offer the bagchain MPU kiosk with a touchless payment module. The payment module has a EMV Level 11 contactless payment functionality. It can be connected directly to the airlines DCS or payment gateway. And has a Level 2 Certification VISA, MasterCard, AMEX and Discovery

battery operation

With one single overnight charge the kiosk battery will last a full working day handling several flights and passengers

resilience solution

The entire bagchain kiosk line is not using the traditional airport infrastructure but our bagchain cloud. Customers discovered that our mobile battery operated kiosks are a great resilience backup for disaster recovery