bagchain print kiosk

bagchain print kiosk

About 80-90% of the passengers arrive at the airport checked-in and are holding a boarding pass and smartphone. So the smartphone has become the “kiosk”. The only action a passenger has to perform when checking baggage is to print a baggage label and drop their bag.

kiosk vs smartphone

The bagchain print kiosk is the fastest and easiest way to obtain a baggage label.

Since passengers are holding a boarding passes they have already fulfilled all the necessary formalities online at the airlines website or app.

So we have removed all the whistles and bells of the usual self-service kiosks and came up with a simple sleek design.

The only action you can perform is scan your home, kiosk printed or mobile boarding pass.

After the boarding pass is scanned we check with the airlines DCS whether you have a baggage allowance and print a baggage label (with or without RFID). All within 5 seconds.

Due it’s simple design and easy intuitive touch less operation the bagchain print kiosk can not only be placed at the check-in area but also remotely at airport parking lots, rental car centers, hotels, conferences, events, train or bus station etc.

The bagchain print kiosk is a solution for airlines and airports with the biggest advantage that it can be placed anywhere and operates independently from the current airport environment.

bagchain print


The bagchain print kiosk is connected via Ethernet, Wi-Fi or 3G/4G with our bagchain cloud platform and exchanges messages directly with the airlines DCS. So it doesn’t matter where you place the bagchain print kiosk.

reclaim terminal space

By keeping the cumbersome tagging of baggage away from the bag-drop and at remote locations, passengers will experience a simplifying bag-drop process.

Airports will be able to reclaim terminal space and realise a higher throughput of passengers. The bagchain print will enhance the overall passenger experience.

no waste

The bagchain print kiosk can use the self adhesive linerless baggage labels. The biggest advantages of these baggage labels is that passengers cannot apply the tags wrongly because the tags only sticks to itself. There is no backing paper to pull away so no waste at the bagchain print kiosks.

self bag drop

More and more airlines and airports are offering passengers self-service check-in and bag drop services. There is a so called one-step and two-step process of checking baggage.

one-step process

In the one step process the passenger performs all steps at the bag drop device. Due to the complexity of these devices (to many actions) the average processing time per passenger can be quite lengthy.

Sometimes a one-step process is offered due to local aviation regulations.

two-step process

In the two-step process the passenger first obtains his/her baggage label at an kiosk and use the separate self bag drop or conventional check-in desk.

The two-step bag drop solution has proven to be the most efficient and most convenient.