bagchain tag kiosk

Waiting times

Overcrowding and long queues at departure terminals are becoming a serious issue at airports. Passengers forming long lines in front of airport entrances as they wait to enter the departure area are unfortunately common.

Average processing time

The biggest challenge is the average processing times at the self-service devices in the departure terminals. Some self-service-bag-drop devices have so much complexity build in that an average passenger spends too much time at the device, causing the long queues.

Two-step bag drop

In the two-step process the passenger first obtains his/her baggage label at a kiosk and use the separate bag drop device.

The two-step bag drop solution has proven to be the most efficient and most convenient.

Printing a baggage label takes just a few seconds, drop off about 30 seconds.

As a result, the overall bag drop throughput is about tripled compared to a one step process.

bagchain tag kiosk

Our mobile bagchain tag kiosk assist in queue management. Floorwalkers can print baggage labels for passengers that are holding boarding passes. Optional they can swipe passports to check the APIs and print a baggage label.

A passenger with a boarding pass and baggage label has only one action left, drop the bag in a self-service-bag-drop or at a staffed check-in desk.

Hand luggage

The bagchain tag kiosk is also used at the security filters & connection centers. Agents that are screening passengers for bulky and heavy hand luggage are using the bagchain tag to tag those bags. Once tagged the passengers can leave their hand luggage which will be transported to the plane.

Battery operation

With one single overnight charge the battery will last a full working day handling several flights.

Reclaim terminal space

By keeping the cumbersome tagging of baggage away from the bag-drop and at remote locations, passengers will experience a simplifying bag-drop process which is reduced to 30 seconds.

Airports will be able to reclaim terminal space and realise a higher throughput of passengers. The bagchain tag kiosk will enhance the overall passenger experience.