World Aviation Festival in Amsterdam

This year’s World Aviation Festival is hosted “in our backyard”. We are looking forward discussing our various mobile baggage check-in solutions. You will find us at Hall 10, POD S-135. We will be in, around or under our POD. Or you can schedule a “meet and greet” using the WAF Swapcard.

New bagchain breeze kiosks on their way

It is nice to be (very) busy again! Last week our kiosk manufacturer VZ Industries assembled 10 new bagchain breeze kiosks, or as our customer British Airways named them, Contactless Lounge Entry kiosks. The kiosks were shipped directly to our customer in London. 

The bagchain breeze kiosks are fully automated lounge entry access kiosks. Connected to the airlines system and/or loyalty database it validates each customer’s lounge eligibility upon entry.

Installation will take place in the coming weeks at the airport Business Class Lounges at Heathrow T3 and T5.

Aviapartner at Rotterdam The Hague Airport

Exciting day yesterday at Rotterdam The Hague Airport. Together with Aviapartner we launched the bagchain gate kiosks. Assisting gate agents to check-in and label excessive hand luggage at the gate. Fully automated, professionally, super fast and efficient. The gate agents keep full control of the boarding process and improve the boarding flow. And no more flight delays because of checking hand luggage at the gate. Just scan the passenger’s boarding pass, the hand luggage is checked-in and a self adhesive eezeetags bag tag is printed. This is one of the bagchain projects as part of the Airport Technology Lab at RHIA Rotterdam The Hague Innovation Airport

The Airport Technology Lab has been made possible by the European Union and the ERDF Opportunities for West II Program. 

AviaPartner RTM airport

Presentation TU-Delft redesigned bagchain kiosk

Another presentation last Tuesday June 21st. Our students from the TU-Delft Industrial Design Engineering (IDE) group 11 had their final presentation of the new bagchain “light” kiosk at the IDE Arena. Their assignment within the master’s degree programme of Integrated Product Design at the TU Delft, redesign a lighter and more mobile kiosk. The students did a tremendous job in research, improvement of mobility, ergonomics, and product experience. The new design has an overall weight reduction of 36% in comparison to our current model. The students also offered sustainability improvements, using (recycled) ABS material for the shell case, which has the smallest energy consumption during raw production and lowest CO2 footprint. Because of the overall weight reduction, the mobility of the kiosk has significantly improved. Anna, Lupo, Jinze, Colin, Daan and Ingo you guys did a great job. Now our work will start with a feasibility study to bring your concept to production. Enjoy your wel deserved holidays and safe travel home. Thanks, from the entire bagchain team!

The Hague University of Applied Sciences Expo

Yesterday 25th of June the students of the Hague University of Applied Sciences ICT in Zoetermeer had their Expo. Three groups of students have been working for the past few months on 2 challenges for Rotterdam The Hague Innvation Airport (RHIA). Design a hybrid check-in desk and improve the boarding process. Friday was the Expo and the results were on display. We were very impressed with the high quality of the deliverables and “out of the box thinking” solutions. Compliments to all the students. In the next months we are going to explore how we can test the solutions at our Airport Technology Lab at Rotterdam The Hague Airport.

Passenger Terminal Expo 2022

Next week we will be moving our stuff temporarily to Paris. We are attending and exhibiting at the 2022 Passenger Terminal Expo and Conference. The dates are June 15, 16 and 17. The venue is the Paris Expo Porte de Versailles. We are show casing our best seller mobile tag kiosk, our brand new mobile Multi-Purpose Unit. Our lounge fellow the breeze kiosk is also present. And of ofcourse our print kiosk. Also premiering at the Expo our iOS bagchain App and mobile printer. You can find us at Hall 7.3 Stand Z3.6142. More information at A bientôt!

TU Delft students mid term presentation

Last week at the TU Delft in the IDE Arena, we attended the mid-term presentation of “our” student’s group 11. As part of the Advanced Embodied Design master course, they are designing a new mobile baggage check-in kiosk for bagchain. Great to see extensive research has been done when it comes to the weight and mobility factor. And the various proposed diversity of materials they want to use. Now the biggest challenge lie ahead, building the prototype. We are looking forward to the prototype and can’t wait to see it. Best of luck into the next phase Anna, Lupo, Colin, Jinze, Ingo & Daan.

TU Delft visit and tour VZ Industries

Last week we visited our kiosk manufacturer VZ Industries for a tour with our group of TU Delft students Lupo, Anna, Colin and Jinze (Daan & Ingo). As part of the Advanced Embodied Design master course, they are going to design a new mobile baggage check-in kiosk. During the tour in the factory we saw the production of the Contactless Lounge Entry kiosks (bagchain breeze kiosk) for British Airways and the bagchain MPU (Multi-Purpose Unit) kiosk destined for PLAY.

bagchain at The Hague University of Applied Sciences

Together with Rotterdam The Hague Innovation Airport (RHIA) and the Airport Technology Lab, we organized two challenges for the students at The Hague University of Applied Sciences (HHS-ICT) for the new semester (ICT Innovative Development).

The first challenge “design a hybrid next-generation check-in desk”. A combination of a self-service bag drop and agent check-in desk. 

The second challenge an “automated innovated self-service boarding”. Last Monday we held a challenge exploration session with the students. A deep dive into the challenges, to get a good impression of the challenges and to brainstorm (conform first steps design thinking).