home baggage check-in and pickup by Luggage Care

Luggage Care and bagchain were featured in the Dutch TV Program “barometer” from RTL-Z . In this video Luggage Care explains the provided home baggage check-in and pickup services. Luggage Care will use the bagchain services to check-in securely the baggage directly with the connected airlines.

easy check-in hand luggage at the gate

check-in hand luggage at the gate has never been so easy. A breeze with our mobile bagchain gate kiosk. Since Menzies Aviation started using the bagchain gate kiosks at the H & M gates at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol the boarding process flow has dramatically improved.

delivery bagchain gate kiosks Menzies Aviation Amsterdam Schiphol Airport

Yesterday we delivered a batch of our brand-new bagchain gate kiosks Mk. 2 to Menzies Aviation at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. All the H/M gates at Schiphol Airport are now equipped with the mobile bagchain gate units. Assisting the gate agents with checking hand luggage at the gate in a fully automated way. And also important improving the customer experience. Special thanks to our colleagues at bagpoint who kindly assisted in the transport to Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.

Passenger Terminal EXPO March 26-28

On March 26-28 we are exhibiting at the Passenger Terminal EXPO at the ExCel in London. Come and see our latest bagchain print kiosk and our new Mark 2 mobile bagchain gate kiosk. Try it yourself the bagchain gate kiosk where everybody is talking about. All our products are wireless securely connected to the bagchain cloud, our messaging platform. See you in London at stand 9036. Cheers

Menzies Aviation orders bagchain gate kiosks for use at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

After a successful trial improving the boarding process and customer experience using our fully automated mobile bagchain gate kiosk. Menzies Aviation has placed a firm order for our latest model of the bagchain gate kiosks. No more handwritten gate bag tags but professional, fast and easy and convenient labelling of hand luggage. Simply scanning the passengers boarding pass. Our increasingly popular bagchain gate kiosk saving the gate agents valuable time. Keeping continous contact with the customer and monitoring the boarding process without any distractions. The mobile kiosks will be used at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol at the H and M gates. In the busy holiday seasons these mobile kiosks can also be used at the departure area for queue management.

bagchain print kiosks ready for shipping

After the customer acceptance test our latest version of our bagchain print kiosk is ready for shipping. Our bagchain print kiosk is now also available in a 1.83m tall version. The first batch was ordered by one of our customers in Asia. Passengers with check-in baggage can conveniently obtain a bag tag by simply scanning their boarding pass. Via our bagchain cloud the airlines departure control is checked. The bag allowance is checked and if all ok the baggage is checked-in and the bag tag is printed. All within less than 10 seconds. Arrived at the airport the only action left is drop their baggage at a check-in or self drop. Because all the bagchain products are connected via the bagchain cloud. They can not only be placed at the airport but also at remote locations such as parking lots, train and bus stations and hotels.

check-in hand luggage at the gate with Eurowings

Checking hand luggage at the gate with Eurowings at a snowy Cologne-Bonn Airport. We are proud to be part of the Eurowings boarding improvement study & trials. Our mobile bagchain gate kiosk assist in this boarding process improvement. No more handwritten gate bag tags, just scan the boardingpass and a self-adhesive eezeetags bag tag is printed. Professional, fast, easy and convenient labelling of hand luggage at the gate. Our increasingly popular bagchain gate kiosk saving the gate agents valuable time and despite checking hand luggage at the gate safeguard an on-time departure. Special thanks to Fabian Schwarz and his team.

ready for dispatch

A new batch of our mobile battery operated bagchain tag and gate kiosks is ready for shipment to their new operators. This will be one of the last batches of our Mark 1 version. The new Mark 2 version with (even more) extended battery life and widescreen display will be launched in the next 2 months.

bagchain signs strategic partnership with Bagpoint

We are excited to announce that we have signed a strategic partnership with Bagpoint, a highly secure and convenient door-to-door baggage delivery service company.

bagchain will connect the Bagpoint services to its bagchain cloud messaging platform and make the airlines secure baggage check-in services available to Bagpoint.

Customers can use the combined bagchain/Bagpoint services. Conveniently and securely check-in their baggage remotely at hotels, cruise ports and convention centers. And travel to the airport with only carry-on luggage. Arrived at the airport these passengers can go straight to the departure lounge, bypassing the check-in counters.

With this strategic partnership both companies will enter the market of remote bag drop solutions for travelers. The combined ecosystem is covering securely end-to-end all touchpoints.

Both companies are building towards an excellent blueprint which is to be rolled-out world-wide.

Happy Holidays

Looking back at 2018, it has been a very busy and successful year. 

Some highlights this year; The first airport using the entire bagchain check-in suite went live. We introduced our mobile bagchain gate and bagchain tag kiosk. Helping airlines and ground-handling companies to assist with queue management both at the departure lounges and gate areas. Our bagchain print kiosks are more and more used and placed at off-airport locations. From Europe to the Americas and all the way to Asia Pacific, our innovative and simplified products are gradually rolled out.

We have connected several new customers such as airlines, airports and even an airline alliance to our bagchain cloud. Our messaging platform, for the exchange of messages but also to use our baggage label printing services worldwide. 

Another highlight in April this year we moved to our new office at the Amsterdam Airport Schiphol Business Park Rijk, at the middle of the center where the action is. And just last month we’ve added an innovation lab. Innovation and simplifying, it’s in our DNA and that’s what we will continue to do.

On behalf of the entire bagchain team, we wish you and your families a Merry Christmas and successful and Happy 2019.