IAG Hangar 51 selects bagchain as one of the finalists

In December we pitched our bagchain solutions via a virtual pitch event to 250 senior industry executives. In the categorie “Contactless Travel” Hangar 51 selected bagchain as one of the finalists. And now we are participating in Hangar 51’s accelerator program.

IAG Hangar 51 start-up accelerator program

We are working together with experts from the IAG group to deploy our bagchain tag solution. The bagchain tag solution will run as a Proof of Concept with another IAG group member. Final preparations are on it’s way. Connecting and testing the Departure Control System with our eco-system, the bagchain cloud. As soon as we finish the testing, two of our bagchain tag kiosks will be deployed at Madrid Barajas Airport. We are looking forward to the Hangar 51 demo day on February 26th.

Read the press release at hangar51

Happy New Year

2020 has been a very challenging and strange year. Instead of face-to-face meetings we are still using video conferencing. And instead of attending conferences we are still doomed to virtual events. Despite all this, in 2020 we were selected by Plug & Play and IAG’s Hangar 51 to participate in their start-up accelerator program. And we launched three new kiosks, the bagchain MPU (multi purpose unit), the bagchain breeze and the bagchain qube. From all of us at bagchain, we wish all our customers, suppliers and industry colleagues a healthy, successful and Happy New Year.

Plug and Play Winter Summit

In September we were selected from a long list of potential startups across the world by Plug and Play Travel & Hospitality in Batch 10. The past months Plug and Play supported us with several webinars, advices, learnings and introductions to potential new customers.
We are super excited that we are presenting at the Plug and Play Winter Summit on November 18th. Unfortunately not in Sunnyvale, CA this time but virtually.

And in October we were also selected by Plug and Play Vienna into the Batch 1 Program. Together with 15 other startups we are participating in Plug and Play’s Smart Cities and Travel & Hospitality vertical at Vienna International Airport.

in Vienna, Austria

After months @home we finally hit the road again. Today we presented live at the opening of the Plug and Play Tech Center Vienna, Austria our bagchain solutions. It was nice to be out and meet industry colleagues and others face-to-face (on a social & safe distance) at the Vienna Airport Office Park.

bagchain qubes in production

After the pre-production bagchain qubes passed all the tests, the first production qubes are now being assembled. The bagchain qube is especially designed for the logistic companies who offer door-to-door baggage services. Logistics & delivery vans will be equipped with the bagchain qube.

The passenger scans their boarding pass at their doorstep, the baggage will be checked-in via the bagchain cloud. Directly with the airline. Baggage allowance is checked and if all ok a baggage tag is printed. The bag is sealed and labelled and transported to the airport. Those passengers using these services can travel at their leisure to the airport. Arrived at the airport those passengers can skip the check-in area entirely. Their bags are delivered by the courier direct to the airline or baggage handling system.

The qube kiosk is a multipurpose kiosk. It can also be used for passengers in transit who have a connection but need to check-in their baggage or at the baggage make up area. These services will also help reducing the human contact moments and airports have less passengers gathered in the check-in area.

bagchain qubes

bagchain breeze kiosk installation

The first bagchain breeze kiosks are deployed at the entrance of several business class lounges. The complete touchless operation facilitates a reduced human contact on entry. It will assist lounge hosts and passengers to adhere to the social distancing measures. Lounge hosts receive a notification on their iOS device with the result code if a passenger is succesful entering the lounge. They can welcome the passenger by name or assist if needed.

bagchain gate kiosk assist agents with check-in hand luggage at the gate

Due to the COVID-19 measurements more and more airlines are restricting hand luggage onboard. They want their passengers to board as quickly as possible and reduce the queues and human interaction at the boarding/gate area. The bagchain gate kiosk assist gate agents with simple, fast and convenient check-in of hand luggage.

  • simply scan the passengers boarding pass
  • the PNR record is updated in the DCS
  • a self adhesive eezeetag bag tag is printed

All within seconds. Agents can stay in touch with the passengers, keeping a safe distance and monitor the boarding process while performing the hand luggage check-in at the gate.


bagchain breeze kiosk in production

Our latest lounge access kiosk the bagchain breeze is now in production. The breeze will assist lounge hosts and passengers to adhere to the social distancing measures. The breeze kiosk is part of the complete breeze solution that we offer. Which includes the application and iOS App.

Maastricht Aachen Airport

Maastricht Aachen Airport recently migrated to iPort Departure Control System. Last week we upgraded and tested the bagchain print kiosks and Self Bag Drop software. They are now connected to iPort. Passengers with a boarding pass and check-in baggage can use the bagchain print kiosk to check-in their baggage and use the Self Bag Drop. The touchless self service tools will assist reducing the human contact moments at the airport. Helping passengers and staff to maintain the social distancing.

lounge access kiosk

Introducing our touchless lounge access kiosk. The bagchain breeze. Passengers using the kiosk will breeze to the lounge. As with all of our kiosks the passenger can only perform one touchless action, scan the boarding pass. A personalised message will be displayed on the kiosk and the hosts wil receive a notification on their iOS device. The bagchain breeze is a fully automated solution that comes with a complete application and iOS app. Connects directly via Wi-Fi, 3G/4G with our bagchain cloud and the airlines DCS and/or Loyalty System.