TU Delft students mid term presentation

Last week at the TU Delft in the IDE Arena, we attended the mid-term presentation of “our” student’s group 11. As part of the Advanced Embodied Design master course, they are designing a new mobile baggage check-in kiosk for bagchain. Great to see extensive research has been done when it comes to the weight and mobility factor. And the various proposed diversity of materials they want to use. Now the biggest challenge lie ahead, building the prototype. We are looking forward to the prototype and can’t wait to see it. Best of luck into the next phase Anna, Lupo, Colin, Jinze, Ingo & Daan.

TU Delft visit and tour VZ Industries

Last week we visited our kiosk manufacturer VZ Industries for a tour with our group of TU Delft students Lupo, Anna, Colin and Jinze (Daan & Ingo). As part of the Advanced Embodied Design master course, they are going to design a new mobile baggage check-in kiosk. During the tour in the factory we saw the production of the Contactless Lounge Entry kiosks (bagchain breeze kiosk) for British Airways and the bagchain MPU (Multi-Purpose Unit) kiosk destined for PLAY.

bagchain at The Hague University of Applied Sciences

Together with Rotterdam The Hague Innovation Airport (RHIA) and the Airport Technology Lab, we organized two challenges for the students at The Hague University of Applied Sciences (HHS-ICT) for the new semester (ICT Innovative Development).

The first challenge “design a hybrid next-generation check-in desk”. A combination of a self-service bag drop and agent check-in desk. 

The second challenge an “automated innovated self-service boarding”. Last Monday we held a challenge exploration session with the students. A deep dive into the challenges, to get a good impression of the challenges and to brainstorm (conform first steps design thinking). 

Luggo launches baggage services with Transavia

Congratulations to our customer Luggo. They launched their baggage home pick-up & drop-off services with Transavia. After a successful start with Corendon Airlines, Transavia is the second airline offering the Luggo baggage services. Travel without stress, no more worries about your baggage and skip the lines at the check-in using the Luggo services. The airline baggage check-in is proudly wired by bagchain’s cloud services.


Visiting PLAY airlines

Last week we visited our customer PLAY airlines at Iceland. Good to see that our mobile bagchain kiosks are in full use at the check-in and baggage drop-off at Keflavik Airport. Since they are mobile and battery operated they can be used at any spot at the airport. We also met the team of AviLabs. We are looking forward to December 3rd. This is the date that we are welcoming Play Airlines at our home base Amsterdam Airport Schiphol for the inaugural flight Amsterdam-Keflavik.

Rotterdam The Hague Innovation Airport

After months of Team meetings, yesterday we finally had our first “live” meeting of the Airport Technology Lab at Rotterdam The Hague Innovation Airport (RHIA). We had a full agenda and it was an extended meeting. It was great to catch up with all the Airport Technology Lab partners in person. As a nice break out session we had a competition folding and flying paper planes. There was a special thanks for the founders of RHIA, Bert Klarus (Innovation Quarter), Miranda Janse (Director RHIA) and Ron Louwerse (Director RTM). As bagchain we are looking forward continue working with the project. The Airport Technology Lab has been made possible by the European Union and the ERDF Opportunities for West II Program. 

Iceland here we come!

After a long time waiting, finally yesterday the first two bagchain MPU kiosks are shipped to Keflavik. The bagchain MPU kiosks will play an important role in the check-in process of one of our latest customers. The most flexible baggage check-in kiosk, battery powered, mobile and use it anywhere via WiFi and/or 3G/4G. Any place, any time practically everywhere!

3 new airlines connected to bagchain cloud

In the past months we have successfully connected 3 new airlines to our bagchain cloud. Iberia (Spain); ResIber DCS, GoAir (India); Navitaire DCS and PLAY (Iceland); QUICK DCS from TravelSky. Enabling the next generation of innovative, smart, seamless and sustainable baggage services and messaging. bagchain’s ECO system (bagchain cloud) is the single point of contact for connecting all services, such as baggage check-in, remote baggage check-in and home pick-up logistics world-wide. Our ECO system also delivers connectivity and communication to any airline Passenger Service System and airport as a service. 

bagchain tag kiosks ready for Madrid

For the past few weeks we have been working in close cooperation with the Iberia team in Madrid to connect our bagchain cloud to their ResIber DCS system. This all as part of the Hangar 51 Accelerator program in which we participate. This week we prepared two mobile bagchain tag kiosks. The kiosks will be tested at Madrid Barajas Airport. Once the kiosks arrive in Madrid they will be deployed and tested by Iberia. Contributing to a safe contactless environment for agents and passengers. Just scan the boarding pass on the kiosk and the baggage is checked-in and a bag tag is printed in seconds.