TU Delft

bagchain works in close cooperation with the TU Delft (Technical University of Delft) in several projects.

Mobile kiosk redesign

As part of the Advanced Embodied Design Master course, a group of students designed a brand new mobile baggage check-in kiosk for bagchain. Great to see the extensive research the students have performed, especially when it comes to the weight and mobility factor. And also the various proposed diversity of materials they want to use.
We are in discussions with our supply chain and kiosk manufacturer to bring this great design into production.

Agent Based Modelling

Overcrowded and long queues at departure lounges is becoming a serious issue at airports. Passengers are sometimes queuing outside the terminal. The average processing time to check-in a passenger with baggage at a staffed check-in desk is about 70-150 seconds.

To improve these passenger flows at the airports, bagchain placed mobile bagchain kiosks to reduce the wait and processing time when it comes to check-in baggage at the check-in area. The TU Delft (Faculty Electric Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science – EEMCS) deployed and used their Agent Based Modelling program to monitor the effect of the mobile kiosks on the processing and flow of passengers.